Another one bites the dust…

Welcome to my blog! Here you will enter the world of my mind. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s fantastically wild or just passé and boring. Whatever the case may be, thank you for visiting.

I should mention a few basic constraints at the outset of this adventure:

  • There is no unifying concept. It’s true, there’s not. This blog is a hodgepodge of my thoughts, ideas and observations. The majority of posts serve the purpose of reactive catharsis rather than premeditated discourse. Having said that, I do hereby promise to genuinely endeavor to make posts as widely applicable as possible. After all, dear You are my reader.
  • This is a giant work in progress. I think this statement is true for most blogs but it’s worth mentioning just to reiterate it’s application here. People change and that’s largely driven by their ideas, ways of thinking and decisions changing. These changes are almost never instantaneous or spontaneous. I hope this blog will set you in motion to change your mind on a variety of topics as much as it changes mine. At the very least, let’s mutually agree to pause and reconsider our most entrenched viewpoints.
  • I am negligent with grammar. As the son of a linguist, I’m all too painfully aware how horrible my grammar is. My sincere apologies if this becomes a hinderance to reading. In general, I try to only sacrifice grammatical correctness when it feels more natural and easier to read.

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